Crivello Carlson, S.C.’s experienced trial lawyers provide effective advocacy in all manner of commercial disputes. Our decades of commercial litigation experience spans the full range of issues that arise for companies, including contract litigation, unfair business practices, trade secrets, mergers and acquisitions, securities litigation, merchandising litigation, insurance coverage litigation, litigation involving banking and financial institutions, real estate and development, transportation, and disputes relating to all types of complex transactions.

We work with our clients to minimize the cost and disruption that a lawsuit against their corporation or business can bring while successfully meeting the clients’ goals and defending against claims as quickly, efficiently, and economically as possible. We also understand that you require the utmost confidentiality. By working with our clients to understand the situation, their business, how they define a win, and the facts of the dispute, we are able to obtain successful outcomes that are both discreet and cost efficient, despite each case’s unique complexities.

Our commercial and corporate attorneys also serve as consultants to corporations and businesses to teach preventative approaches and skills that can decrease the likelihood of future litigation. We apply our experience and expertise to afford clients the best opportunity for success.