As relentless technological innovation continues to shape and change our society, you need an attorney who actually understands--and uses--cutting edge technologies to advise you. For businesses, protecting your data, your employees' data, and your clients' data while ensuring compliance with all privacy laws and regulations is our priority. For individuals, protecting and enforcing your privacy rights--no matter what electonic or digital media you use--is our top concern.

The ways in which people use the internet are constantly changing and expanding. The laws are too. If you are an entity operating any portion of your business online, we will draft individualized employee privacy policies and document management and retention policies that carefully and accurately address the issues you face. We will also successfully defend you against privacy claims if litigation arises. If you are an individual who is faced with an infringement of your privacy by an employer or other entity, we will use our experience and understanding to ensure that you are protected and compensated.

We welcome the opportunity to speak with you further about our people and our confidence that we can help with whatever issue you face.