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Publication Title Author Date
Yates Memo Requires Careful D&O Policy Review, DRI Covered Events, June 2016
Timothy M. Johnson 7/14/2016
DRI Products Liability Case Law Update - D.C. Circuit, forthcoming 2016


Timothy M. Johnson 2/9/2016
Reinsurance Professional's Deskbook, A Practical Guide, Chapter 18, DRI/Thomson Reuters, 2015


Timothy M. Johnson 12/31/2015
Claims and Litigation Management Alliance Wiki Products Liability Project, Wisconsin, 2015


Timothy M. Johnson 12/31/2015
DRI UM/UIM Compendia, Wisconsin, Defense Research Institute, 2015


Timothy M. Johnson 12/31/2015
Seventh Circuit Products Liability Case Law Update, Defense Research Institute, April 2014


Timothy M. Johnson 4/30/2015
Advanced Civil Trial Skills

Lecturer, Nationally Broadcast Webinar, National Business Institute, July 27, 2012 Hearsay Objections and Exceptions, Milwaukee Bar Association, April 2012

Nathan J. Bayer 7/27/2014
Advanced Discovery and Evidence

Lecturer, National Business Institute Seminar, May 2011

Nathan J. Bayer 5/14/2014
Wisconsin Jail Administrators' Training Seminar

Civil Liability Under 42 U.S.C. s. 1983 for Pre-Probable Cause Arrestee, Pretrial Detainee & Inmate Suicides, April 29, 2014

Timothy M. Johnson 4/29/2014
2014 Seventh Circuit Products Liability Case Law Update

Defense Research Institute, April 2014

Timothy M. Johnson 4/3/2014
Fundamentals of Construction Contracts in Wisconsin

Ethical Issues, Lorman Education Services, February 2014

Timothy M. Johnson 2/22/2014
Digest of Insurance Law, Annual Update, AM Best, 2011-2013
Timothy M. Johnson 12/31/2013
Civil Rights Liability and Proposed Legislation Update Involving Police Department and Supervisory Failure to Train, Supervise, Monitor, or Discipline

Badger State Sheriff's Association, December 2013

Timothy M. Johnson 12/23/2013
"Use of Force Legal Update"

Wisconsin Department of Justice Jail Administrator's Conference. Stevens Point, Wisconsin. October 2013.

Samuel C. Hall Jr. 10/16/2013
"Wisconsin Open Meetings Law"

Racine County Municipal Conference. Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin. October 2013.

Samuel C. Hall Jr. 10/11/2013
New Case Highlights Clash of Dueling Public Policies, Wisconsin Law Journal, August 26, 2013


Timothy M. Johnson 8/26/2013
Professional Liability Underwriting Society (PLUS)

January 2009 - Issue XXII, Volume 1 Wisconsin Trial Practice, 2009 and 2013 Supplement, Chapter 10 “Jury Instructions”

Patrick W. Brennan 7/19/2013
Civil Rights Update - Jail Issues

Wisconsin Jails, May 2013

Timothy M. Johnson 5/24/2013
Wisconsin Trial Practice

Supplement, Chapter 10 "Jury Instructions" (ed. 2011 and 2013)

Patrick W. Brennan 2/19/2013
"Litigation Case Study: Cyrus v. Mukwonago."

Institute for the Prevention of In-Custody Deaths. Las Vegas, Nevada. November 2012.

Samuel C. Hall Jr. 11/13/2012
"Premises Liability Legal Update."

Integrated Risk Solutions. Waukesha, Wisconsin. October 2012.

Samuel C. Hall Jr. 10/13/2012
"Science and Use of Force: Excited Delirium Considerations."

St. Croix County Sheriff's Department. Hudson, Wisconsin. September 2012.

Samuel C. Hall Jr. 9/25/2012
"Law Enforcement Report Writing."

Brown County Sheriff's Department. Green Bay, Wisconsin. August 2012.

Samuel C. Hall Jr. 8/23/2012
"Equal Protection Questions Remain After 5-5 Split in the Seventh Circuit."

Wisconsin Civil Trial Journal; Volume 10-2. July 2012

Samuel C. Hall Jr. 7/15/2012
Authentication, Exhibits, and Courtroom Presentation

Milwaukee Bar Association, April 2012

Nathan J. Bayer 4/19/2012
Electronic Discovery Update

Milwaukee Bar Association, April 2012

Timothy M. Johnson 4/12/2012
"Daubert and the Doctor."

Wisconsin Defense Counsel Spring Conference. Kohler, Wisconsin. April 2012.

Samuel C. Hall Jr. 4/12/2012
"Daubert and the Doctor." Wisconsin Defense Counsel

Wisconsin Defense Counsel Daubert Summit. Waukesha, Wisconsin. January 2012.

Samuel C. Hall Jr. 1/3/2012
Applying the Rules of Evidence

What Every Attorney Needs to Know, Lecturer, Milwaukee, WI, National Business Institute, December 2011

Nathan J. Bayer 12/22/2011
Introduction to Reinsurance

In-house continuing education program, August 2011

Timothy M. Johnson 8/24/2011
“Civil Liability for Law Enforcement Managers.”

University of Wisconsin. Milwaukee, Wisconsin. May 2011.

Samuel C. Hall Jr. 5/24/2011
Perpetuating Ageism via Adoption Standards and Practices

Wisconsin Journal of Law, Gender & Society, Spring 2011

Sara C. Mills-Flood 4/8/2011
Reasonableness and Necessity of Medical Specials After the Recent Amendment to Wis. Stat. § 908.03

Published in Wisconsin Civil Trial Journal, Winter 2010

Nathan J. Bayer 12/1/2010
"Excessive Force in Arrest and Detention."

State of Wisconsin Municipal Lockup Conference. Milwaukee, Wisconsin. October 2010

Samuel C. Hall Jr. 10/24/2010
"School and Amateur Sports Civil Rights Litigation."

Indiana Insurance Company, Pewaukee, Wisconsin. January 2010.

Samuel C. Hall Jr. 10/1/2010
Practical Discovery From A to Z

Lecturer, National Business Institute Seminar, May 2010

Nathan J. Bayer 5/28/2010
"Legal Considerations within the Music Industry."

Binghamton University, Binghamton, New York. February 2010.

Samuel C. Hall Jr. 2/13/2010
"Excited Delirium Considerations with the use of Canines."

Wisconsin Law Enforcement Canine Handlers Association, Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. October 2009.

Samuel C. Hall Jr. 10/26/2009
Damages: Current Trends and Strategies

Lecturer, National Business Institute Seminar, October 2009

Nathan J. Bayer 10/22/2009
Auto Insurance Law Basics

Lecturer, National Business Institute Seminar, June 2008

Nathan J. Bayer 6/14/2008
Insurance Law: Third Party Coverage

Lecturer, National Business Institute, December 2007

Nathan J. Bayer 12/18/2007
Leitinger and the Collateral Source Rule: Time for a Change

Wisconsin Defense Counsel, Winter 2007 by: Lawrence J. Drabot and Daniel K. Mullin

Lawrence J. Drabot 12/10/2007
"E-Discovery and the Rule 26 Amendments."

Wausau Insurance Company, Wausau, Wisconsin. September 2006.

Samuel C. Hall Jr. 9/24/2006
The Wisconsin Supreme Court Chooses Not to Reel In the Economic Loss Doctrine

Wisconsin Defense Counsel, Summer/Fall 2006) by: Lawrence J. Drabot and Jennifer M. Viken

Lawrence J. Drabot 9/4/2006
"Advanced Civil Discovery for the Litigation Paralegal in Wisconsin"

Co-Author,Institute for Paralegal Education, Spring 2004 seminar

Lawrence J. Drabot 3/4/2004
"Trial Preparation from Start to Finish for Wisconsin Paralegals"

Co-Author, Institute for Paralegal Education, Spring 2003 seminar

Lawrence J. Drabot 3/2/2003
Warranty and Intermediary Liability

20 Business Law News 7 (Fall, 2001, No. 3)

Patrick W. Brennan 9/23/2001
"Recent Legislation: Where Are We Going with Federal Hate Crime Legislation?"

85 Marq. L. Rev. 537 (2001).

George S. Peek 2/4/2001
Book Review: Wisconsin Insurance Law

Wisconsin Opinions, December 8, 1999 Professional Liability 101

Patrick W. Brennan 12/8/1999
"Common Abuses of the Rules of Evidence on Expert Testimony."

1999 Wiley Expert Witness Update

Jeffrey T. Nichols 10/8/1999
Who is Really an Expert?

Declarations, Winter 1997

Patrick W. Brennan 11/28/1997
The Use and Abuse of Expert Witnesses

The Wisconsin Lawyer, October 1997-- Reprinted in Mealey Publications Daubert & Expert Admissibility Conference, October 8, 1997, Philadelphia, PA

Patrick W. Brennan 10/8/1997
Self-Insurance for Liability Risks

Patrick W. Brennan and John P. Rocco, Network Newsletter (Summer 1995, Vol. 3, Issue 2)

Patrick W. Brennan 7/23/1995

Business Law News (Fall, 1994, Vol. 13, No. 4)

Patrick W. Brennan 9/14/1994
Advertising Injury

Patrick W. Brennan and James C. Green, Claims magazine (June, 1994)

Patrick W. Brennan 6/13/1994

By Patrick W. Brennan, The Construction Specifier, (October 1993)

Patrick W. Brennan 10/30/1993
The New CGL Policy

Patrick W. Brennan and Mark A. McClendon, 7 Civil Trial Counsel of Wisconsin News 3 (No. 2, Summer 1992)

Patrick W. Brennan 6/14/1992
Direct Action

Patrick W. Brennan and Laurie J. McLeRoy, 5 Civil Trial Counsel of Wisconsin News 3 (No. 4, Winter 1990)

Patrick W. Brennan 12/15/1990
Burden of Proof

Patrick W. Brennan and Douglas Starck,62 Wisconsin Lawyer 23 (Oct. 1989)- Recipient, 1989 Hon. Charles Dunn Author Award, Wisconsin State Bar Association

Patrick W. Brennan 10/13/1989
"Insurance Coverage for Punitive Damages"

Marquette Law Review, 1987 "Evidentiary Problems of Apportionment Under Wisconsin Second Collision Law", 72 Marq. L. Rev. 539 (1989)

James A. Niquet 5/5/1989
Discovery of Statements

3 Civil Trial Counsel of Wisconsin News 5 (December, 1987)--reprinted in Kansas Association of Defense Counsel Newsletter (March, 1988)

Patrick W. Brennan 3/4/1988
Book Review: Posner, Economic Analysis of Law 3d Edition

55 University of Cincinnati Law Review 1159 (No. 4, 1987)

Patrick W. Brennan 11/4/1987
Case Note, Policy Interpretation and Accidents - A Review of Lund v. American Motorists Insurance Co.

38 Federation of Insurance & Corporate Counsel Quarterly, 87 (No. 1, Fall 1987)

Patrick W. Brennan 9/23/1987
Landowner Immunity

2 Civil Trial Counsel of Wisconsin News 3 (No. 3, 1985)

Patrick W. Brennan 11/3/1985
Economic Analysis for the Wisconsin Lawyer

8 The Milwaukee Lawyer 17 (1985), Jonathan E. Arnold Legal Writing Competition Winning Article

Patrick W. Brennan 5/23/1985
Standards of Appellate Review

33 Defense Law Journal 377 (No. 4, 1984)

Patrick W. Brennan 11/4/1984
Pre-Judgment Interest in Wisconsin Personal Injury Cases

56 Wisconsin Bar Bulletin 18; August, 1983

Patrick W. Brennan 8/10/1983

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